First Day of School. Time for XBox360

First day of school today for Liam and myself.

Liam discovered what Year 10 is about, and I started on the Microsoft voyage. Windows Vista, Office 2007. Too much software to fit into one morning. Too much for the old projector too (it was upset at the kerfuffle of hot software). Wow, what a Vista:

I relax after our first hard day, out with the XBox 360 and Call of Duty 3! The component video 720p graphics stomps over the Dell and the ATI X1950 to our Acer LCD.

Report from Liam: COD3: the graphics and the physics reality stomp over HL2. Getting used to FPS via a console was a little difficult.

And Andrew, the angel on my shoulder, sent me a link of Enthusiam Quotes. I love «Enthusiasm is contagious. Be a carrier.»

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