Explaining to my Mum what I actually do

Having grown up on a farm, I saw what my Dad did every day. I saw it grow; and helped around. I learnt how to read clouds and the sky to determine the weather, and what the time was without a watch. From memory, at about 12 years old pretty much anything that could be driven on the farm I’d driven.

In 2000 on the Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Roadshow, Liam and Avril attended a night session of my «1980s Music Trivia Photoshop Technical Session». No sales and marketing here; discussion of JPEG vs GIF, artefacts and Flock of Seagulls.

In the IT industry, it’s tough to show your kids what you do for a living. So having Liam and Avril attend was a major buzz.

Liam then realised what I did for a crust.

Now he is teaching me about this online stuff. Strange world!

So, how do you explain to your Mum what your day job is?

Reading this Social Media White Paper from the Australian Blog, Better Communication Results will help out. Send it to your Mum, too.

One thought on “Explaining to my Mum what I actually do

  1. Will

    Ah, simple for me…

    «I write software. It does all sorts of magic stuff, and makes people’s jobs at work easier, or at least faster.»

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