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Movieline November 1994

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Interviewer: Joshua Mooney

"I'm looking for more stable guys to play," Slater says, "because I'm trying to get more stable in my life. I've been able to leave a role on the set and not take it home. It's great if your're playing a heroic role - take it home with you. But I've played more offbeat characters than heroes. I mean Clarence (in True Romance) was weird.. It was a strange experience."

This, Slater says, is what led him to Murder In The First, director Marc Rocco's based-on-a-true-story crime drama in which Slater, starring with Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman, plays a lawyer defending a man who's being railroaded by the system - in other words, a Harrison Ford-esque lawyer. "My character's definitely a mature guy, kinda heroic - not some goofball kid. The story is very special, it's about two guys who were dealt with different decks in life. People should be able to relate." As so, I guess we'll bid a fond farewell to the "goofball kids" Slater has played so well.

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