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Sixty Seconds with Sterlo
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Sixty Seconds with Sterlo

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60 Seconds with Sterlo

This interview was aired on The Footy Show,Channel 9, 18th April 1996. It is not to be taken seriously!

Interviewer - Peter 'Sterlo' Sterling.

PS: "Spending 60 seconds with Stirlo is Hollywood heart throb and former bad boy, Christian Slater. Christian, we hear that the hell raising days are over ... do have any vices left?"

CS: "I'm not a bad boy! Well this is it. This is my squeeze ball. That's my new vice."

PS: "Takes the stress away?"

CS: "Absolutely. You need something, you know."

PS: "You once won a MTV award as the best kisser. "

CS: "That's right."

PS: "Any tips on technique?"

CS: "Just keep your mouth wet and moist."

PS: "Your current movie Broken Arrow, has a lot of stunts of which you do plenty. Any hairy moments?"

CS: "No, No. I shaved."

PS: "Your co-star, John Travolta. If you had to sum him up in a few words, what would they be?"

CS: "He's very very sweet. He's got a great sense of humor. Likes to have a good time on the set. Doesn't take it too seriously."

PS: "Apart form this role, what has been your most satisfying one?"

CS: "I think probably between True Romance and Pump Up The Volume."

PS: "Away from the movie set, how do you relax?"

CS: "I like to hang with my friends. I like to play ping-pong, watch movies, play racketball, go and sit at a coffee shop and just hang out and talk."

PS: "Do you have a favourite sport?"

CS: "I like to watch basketball."

PS: "Favourite all-time actor?"

CS: "Spencer Tracy."

PS: "Favourite female co-star to date?"

CS: "Oh God that's a dangerous question. They've all been great."

PS: "In your eyes, what makes a woman beautiful?"

CS: "I think personality really. That's something that appeals to me most. And of course sex appeal."

PS: "If you were down to your last $10, how would you spend it?"

CS: "If I were down to my last $10 ... oh god, I'd invest wisely."

PS: "Thanks for spending 60 seconds with Sterlo."

CS: "Thankyou. Its the best interview all day!"

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