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Australian Broken Arrow Promo Tour

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Australian Broken Arrow Promo Tour

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March 25th 1996

I received a phone call last week from Fox Columbia Tristar and they explained that Christian's schedule was almost fully booked before he even got to Australia, and unfortunately they were not able to arrange an interview with Christian for the Web Site. They did, however, send me some great information on Broken Arrow along with some great photos, slides and the autographed photo above. I'd just like to thank them for their efforts.

Avril Hodge

March 15th 1996 Last Sunday (March 10th) it was advertised that Christian was making an appearance on a local television show here one day during the week. I assumed that it would be a satellite interview as nothing had been announced about Christian coming over to Australia for a promotional tour. I rang the station on Monday and was told that the interview was being linked to his hotel room in Sydney. "Christian's here?" I asked. I had to wait until Tuesday morning when I rang his publicist's office in the States to confirm this as the whole visit was being kept low key. I again spoke to the television station on Tuesday morning because I wanted to see the interview being done if possible. They put me onto Fox Columbia Tristar who were handling the publicity for this visit.

I had a chat with someone there and explained that I would like to interview Christian for the Web Site if possible, however, I understood that he was extremely busy. I faxed them a couple of pages from the Web Site, because I wanted to make Christian aware of the site. I didn't hear anything back, but this is understandable.

On Tuesday morning, however, I also received an e-mail from one of our national radio stations saying that they had discovered the Web Site and wanted to interview me about it. They also said that they planned to let Christian know about the Web Site. During Christian's interview on the Wednesday they showed him the site. So bottom line is, he now knows about the web site and the fact that his acting talent is appreciated by many people all around the world.

Well I had my first experience of being interviewed yesterday (March 14th) by a national radio station about this web site, so I had a very small taste of what is it like to be in the hot seat. The interviewer (Hi Lawrie) made me feel very comfortable and this helped a great deal. It is still, however, quite a nerve-racking experience.

I am an outgoing, extroverted person, except if you point a camera at me, then I clam up!, so I am sure that helped. So I try to imagine what it must be like if you are a very shy person (as Christian Slater is apparently) having to do interview after interview, day after day, for about seven weeks in a row. Not much fun I would imagine.

So please bear this in mind as you read these interviews and also take into consideration some of the inappropriate questions asked by the interviewers .Why do they do that? They know they are going to get a "No comment" or have the interviewee clam up and feel uncomfortable.

So I have transcribed these interviews as best I can so you can get an idea of what he did in Australia. Also bear in mind he was here to promote Broken Arrow, so I don't know what half the questions he got asked had to do with it. I just hope he got a chance to look around Sydney and have a bit of fun! - Avril.

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