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ET Interview with Christian Slater

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ET Interview with Christian Slater

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Christian has had a tough time of it over the past few months. We keep clear from his personal life, and subsequently you have not seen references to these incidents here.

We aim to continue this courtesy to Christian.

That said, Christian was recently interviewed on Entertainment Tonight. In his interview, he commented briefly about the recent events is his life from the set of Very Bad Things.

We would like to thank Tolkiane for this transcription!

Christian Slater, Entertainment Tonight, 27th October.

Christian Slater: I would say I've learned probably more in the past, what, 70 days now than I've learned in my entire life.

JC: It's been a long time since we have sat down with you and talked to you.

Christian Slater: Yeah

Cut to shot on set of Very Bad Things:

Christian Slater clowning around: We gotta shoot, we're making a movie!!

JC - voice over: Right now, Christian's keeping very busy as star and an executive producer of the movie Very Bad Things.

Christian Slater: We're all entitled to enjoy our work. We are, we are! And we should remember that! You know, we Have to enjoy what we do!

JC - voice over: His costars in this comedy thriller include Daniel Stern, Jeremy Piven And Jon Favreau. It's written and directed by Chicago Hope star, Peter Berg.

JC (to Berg): What's it been like working with Christian?

Berg: I was dying to get Christian to do this movie. I was a big fan since Heathers and Pump Up The Volume so when he called me and said that he was in, it was a very happy day in my life.

Christian Slater: I play a sicko very well.

Cut to shot on set of Very Bad Things:

Christian Slater: BUDDY!!!

JC - voice over: He is certainly called upon to do that here. Very Bad Things is the story of a bachelor party from hell where at least 2 people die and the guys try desperately to cover things up.

JC: This is obviously, it's gonna be the worst party experience these guys have ever had, so what's the worst experience you've ever had?

Christian Slater: Worst experience I've ever had - (breaks into laughter)-......

JC: I mean, I can think of mine. Go ahead....

Christian Slater: You've got yours, you go first!

JC: No, I'm the interviewer, you're the interviewee..

Berg: Yeah, tell us yours, tell us yours ...

Christian Slater: ....You know, that's a topic for me that's a sensitive issue - (laughs) - and I will refrain from answering that.

Berg: I once threw up all over my friend's mother's brand new Mercedes Benz, all over the front end of the grill after a hard night of partying.

Christian Slater: Ain't alcohol grand! Oh, what a lovely substance! Oh my God!!

JC - voice over: It's a substance that Christian is now taking steps to avoid as he tries to eliminate life's negatives and accentuate the positive.

Christian Slater: You've got to get skills! You've got to get tools! And you also can't really let negativity rule your life, you know. I mean, that's something a lot of people do, tend to drink and use over, it's something you gotta like, learn to deal with. Sort of reprogram your brain a little bit and ??, I mean, I'm happier now than I've ever been, to be honest with you. I guess you could say that, ah, prayer works, yeah, if people have been out there praying for me and you know, wishing me well, it works!

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