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Above all, I would like to thank Christian Slater. Without Christian, this site -- let alone all his great roles, would not exist. Avril Hodge

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Lawrie Zion, host of Creatures of the Spotlight, on Radio Station Triple J Australia gave this web site 4.5 out of 5 Hits.

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This site was chosen as "Made with Macintosh" Site of the Day, 25th April 1996.

Magazine Reviews of this Web Site

The following review was found in a Norwegian Internet Magazine and translated into English by Oystein. The Latest News banner was used to start the review.

Name: The Definitive Christian Slater Homepage

What: Christian Slater fans' fantasy


Contents: Here is actually one of the best fan-sites I have bumped into! Avril Hodge likes Christian Slater. Very Much! She also likes fiddling about with her website, one notices. Here is fat filmographies, long interviews, unconfirmed rumours, true facts and downloadable pictures all nicely linked to the site. As a visitor it is easy to find what one is interested in, and it is also easy to download. If you don´t like Christian Slater, it is worth it to have look at these pages anyway, to see an example of a nicely formed layout on the basis of a really simple idea.

Good: Nicely parted compartments, good layout and a full of facts.

Bad: No! But has she ever heard about copyrights?

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