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Three Months

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Three Months

We all have life lessons to learn and unfortunately some of us have to do it tougher than others. I am forever thankful that I have never had to learn mine in front of the media who seem to salivate at the thought of a celebrity putting a foot wrong. I guess part of "doing it tougher" involves dealing with the media watching your every move.

I think Christian has this aspect totally under control. We just had a news report here in Australia which included a brief interview with Christian just prior to him starting his sentence. When on this subject he comes across as humble, remorseful and low key. Since his arrest, I don't think the media would be able to criticise his interaction with them at all, he has not put a foot wrong. He has my respect and admiration for the way he has handled them.

Everyone has a right to a private life, regardless of who they are, or what career they may choose to undertake. Here is hoping the media will now allow Christian to deal with the next few months in total privacy. I believe Christian can get through this crisis and hope it will result in him finding true contentment and happiness in his life. This view has been expressed by the many visitors to my web site who have taken the time to email me their thoughts and feelings. I have no details about this latest crisis on the site (it is and always will be only about his work and career) but have been amazed at the reaction it has caused.

Regardless of what may happen, or he may do in his private life, Christian is an extremely talented and gifted actor. This is his gift to us, and we should accept it unconditionally.

Avril Hodge

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