Japan & New Zealand

Church in Christchurch
Atomic Dome, Hiroshima, Japan

Having visited Christchurch, South Island New Zealand many times; and Japan at least 4 times – I can clearly state they are some of the greatest places in the world to visit. The people are friendly; the sights and experiences are extraordinary. The places are relatively safe.

One would think.

In both instances, they live on the edge of the “Pacific Rim of Fire”, the edge of the Pacific tectonic plate that rings Western America around to New Zealand: the ‘shaky isles’

It is with much inner turmoil and sadness to see both places crumble and sucumb to devestation.

This only makes me want to revisit when the time is right, to show support. That their choice to live in a shaky place is not a ghetto nor a place to be shunned.