Video to India

Video day today. Appeared in a soon-to-be-released show talking about Photoshop 7. Lots of fun flubbing lines and making a fool of myself. All for 2.5 minutes of air time. Felt like an info-mercial geek. Then later in the day on a video conference link to Noida (near New Delhi) in India. Didn’t have to wear shoes in either instance!

Got 5 minutes? Look at this: Generate your own South Park character

I think I’ll buy the new Moby album 18.

14 emails in InBox

Down to 14 emails in the Inbox. For those who have sent me an email, don’t panic: I am not ignoring you. Just getting through them as quickly as possible and as time permits. Don’t be surprised to see emails sent late at night!

“The Adobe InDesign 2.0.1 update addresses several issues that were identified in InDesign 2.0. It also incorporates updated versions of the Scripting and Cross-media plug-ins…”

InDesign 2.0.2 Update (Mac)

InDesign 2.0.2 Update (Win)

From the InDesign 2.0.1 Readme:

Placing PDF Files

PDF files that are saved from Photoshop with the .PDP file extension on Windows are recognized
by InDesign 2.0.1 as PDF files. [504600]”

Thanks to Samantha for fixing this, this was a bug that ACP reported and I escalated to the US – and was fixed. So I’ll call it “my bug”

Update city, today. The Photoshop Scripting plugin is at 1.0.1

Photoshop 7.0 Scripting Plugin 1.0.2a (Mac)

Photoshop 7.0 Scripting Plugin 1.0.2a (Win)

Coding time! Best coding music is classics of the 1980’s.

National Museum of Australia: yawn

Today I visited the new National Museum of Australia. I found it a little under-done. There is no doubt the external architecture is impressive; but the content is limited in range and appeal. If you ever get the chance, you must visit the New Zealand National Museum in Wellington: Te Papa. It is an impressive testament to the New Zealand people that their museum is packed with information, relics and learning that we Aussies are missing.