Nick Hodge’s Privacy Policy

The latest version of the Nick Hodge’s Privacy Policy is always available here:

Third Party Services

Applications from Nick Hodge may use the following Third Party Tools and Services:

Applications from Nick Hodge use the following Internet Services:

Information Collected

Your IP addresses is recorded and logged everywhere on the Internet. Nick Hodge does not sell nor trade these logs.

Usage of Social Networks

Some applications from Nick Hodge may allow you to share information over social network services such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and LinkedIn. Depending on the social network and how you use the connection, you choose to use the app in accordance with the privacy settings you have set in your social networking account. You may be able to post information to your social networking account, including personally identifiable information.

Your use of these social network services may be covered by separate privacy policies which we require you to read. You have the ability to disconnect from such social networking services at any time by removing the service from your device.

Sharing Features

Some applications from Nick Hodge give you the capability to choose to send through e-mail, text message, phone call, or other means, information to others. Such information sharing is at your own discretion and will always involve your approval.

Contacting the Developer

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or answers to the life universe & everything, please contact me at