Graphs and Sheets

State of the Computer Book Market, Q206 details in a TreeMap 2D graph the rise of C# and Ruby, decline of Java as languages.

In typical MBA fashion, I am enamored with the graph. How do you create these style of graphs? How does the set of data need to be formatted? The graph is an excellent way to show trends; growth, decline and relative size all in one.

Which leads me to Microsoft Office 2007. The beta was available a month of so ago. As a professional Excel jockey, Excel 2007 was the first application I launched. (OK, second. Outlook 2007 was first!). You know, its the little things…

The designer that re-engineered the “Named Ranges” and “PivotTable” UI in Excel 2007 needs a medal. Love it.

To radically redesign an interface in a set of applications that are directly attached to knowledge worker productivity is a brave move. Professional Photoshop users keep Adobe honest when it comes to making life easy. Do knowledge workers have a similar voice?

Now crossing my fingers for TreeMaps in Excel 200x.