First Day of Self-employment

About 21 years ago, before sitting my “final” exams I knew I had a full-time job. Thanks to Tim Kleemann now owner of Next Byte, the IT industry had sucked me in. January 6th, 1986. I was working for the man.

20 years on…and for the first time in my employable life, I am technically self-employed. Whilst my self-employment is by choice, but it’s still weird.

Do I call myself if I am going to be late to the office?

9 thoughts on “First Day of Self-employment”

  1. Welcome to the real world, now it will be Tax Invoices, GST, Acquistions, Supplies & Adjustment for those Oopses, Good luck in what life presents to you and your family.

    Regards Barry Ryan.

  2. Nick, Congratulations on your new found life-style. I will always look back on those early years fondly. If we only knew then, what we know now! Party on dude.. TK

  3. Great move Nick! You and Fang organising to celebrate a Munge reunion?
    Enjoy your new journey. Anna

  4. Nick,

    I remember the days when you used to come to our site (FH Faulding) and plug and play with our network. Tis wonderful (and a surprise) to accidently come across your website as the last time I saw you would have been in 1992. Hope you, Tim Kleeman, Mike Seyfang, Mike Crawford are all well.
    I hope all is going well with the business.

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