FreeDOS and Parallels

File this into the why basket.


FreeDOS works with Parallels. So now for the full 1987-1992 retro-experience, the MacBook Pro can learn about HIMEM.SYS, FAT32 and other evil that Windows has shielded us from.

How to:

  1. Download FreeDOS ISO image
  2. With Parallels, create a new VM (virtual machine), Hard drive
  3. Set the CD as the boot device, and select the VM
  4. Start the VM
  5. Follow the onscreen install instructions: note, be careful erasing your hard disk image!

The VM settings screen will look something like this:


6 thoughts on “FreeDOS and Parallels”

  1. Hey, did you install FreeDOS 1.0 final on Parallels already? I tried to, but some time at the end of the installation, it just crashes, and I get a Parallels crash report. Do you have similar problems?

  2. Hi, I have some problems with the networking. is there anyone who have masterd that?

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