Rorohiko ImpositionCompanion for InDesign CS, CS2

The Lightning Brain ImpositionCompanion Plug-In helps to overcome some limitations of InBooklet SE, which doesn’t impose correctly when a document contains objects that overlap two or more pages. The Lightning Brain ImpositionCompanion Plug-In unlinks text threads and splits objects which overlap two or more pages. This allows the page order to be changed without problems.

One thought on “Rorohiko ImpositionCompanion for InDesign CS, CS2”

  1. I remember back to the old days where we would send out for film before then sending it on to the printers. Back then we took an active interest in imposition … possibly something to do with saving a few bucks on film (or not having to get the bureau to do it at $5/page).

    These days we just send PDFs to the printery and let the printers sort it out (and take responsibility for it).

    Amazing how you forget some of the things that you had to do as a matter of course. Ahh, the onward march of technology.

    Of course, I’m still making my way through the only roll of rubylith tape I ever bought.


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