VoIP is probably easier than I thought

  1. Churn to Internode Issue in our household is the nGb/month – not mGb/second. Whilst Internode has yet to install ADSL+ into our exchange, I am happy to wait for ’em, and rid outselves of Bigmuddle/Bigpuddle.
  2. Purchase Nodephone service, and get a “incoming” phone number
  3. Install Asterisk on our Debian server
  4. Install a Softphone, maybe buy an ATA (or just get a Billion router)
  5. Poke hole in Firewall for SIP access, or use IAX.
  6. Configure incoming voicemails, extensions, outgoing call dialplans. All that stuff
  7. Save at least AU$20/month on comm calls with x2 bandwidth