Self, Inc

In July this year, Mike Seyfang, (currently battling short-sighted politicians in South Australia in a medium they don’t understand); welcomed me to “Self, Inc”.

Today I created my first invoice using SQL-Ledger. After some quick learning of LaTeX; and re-learning of basic accounting rules – it’s all go!

On the SQL-Ledger side: it is an Open-source ERP that has an Australian chart-of-accounts (ready for GST and BAS). Written in Perl, which is a little step backwards; the data is stored in Postgres. This bodes well for integration with a future installation of a small CRM.

So, no longer with Adobe and out on my own. The freedom to do what I want is both scary and exciting.

Coming soon: company web site and phone numbers.

5 thoughts on “Self, Inc”

  1. Only UncleNick would over-engineer his first invoice to this degree!

    I look forward to the day that this infrastructure is bursting at the seams due to the success of your endeavours.

    (And hope that you remember me when you are famous)


  2. Thanks for the compliment, I think 🙂

    Web-based ERP is the best thing. I think back to 1992/3 implementing an Oracle SQL/Forms based application and know the world has come a long way.

    Accounting, on the other hand, remains the same.

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