Moore’s Law, More Horses, Less Chaff

A major change in the fabrication process, changing a 40+ year old process to make transitors that are 45 nano-meters large/small. At this level, atoms become significant.

Scoble has released a new video detailing the new 45nm process at Intel. What does this mean? Two things: Moore’s Law still applies, and there are going to be more speed using way less power in your PC sometime in 2008. Oh, and they’re already onto development work of the next 32nm process.

On a similar topic, Andrew sent me a link from some crazy Italians who have overclocked a Pentium to 8Ghz.

OK, so we’ve got the hardware processing for the next couple of years sorted. What are we going to do with this power? Intel is not just making processors and shipping across the river to Google (although I am sure Google will be pleased they don’t have to make a Fusion Reactor to power their singularity).

There are two emerging rules of the last 30+ years: don’t bet against Moore’s Law, or against the Internet.

Do we really just need faster HTML rendering and video? Herein lies the fun – software. There’s a myriad of unsolved software problems – time to get back onto the horse.