Dear American Express Marketing

I use your products daily. A Corporate Charge Card, a personal Gold Card and your travel services are excellent. I pay my bills on time, and use the online services to reduce the load on your call centre staff. Where I have called your staff, they’ve been helpful and solved my problem.

The online services help me correctly calculate the forex charges, and the ability to use my Amex points as Qantas Frequent Flyer is good too.

But for the love of god, please stop sending me junk mail attempting to sell me another “financial product”. And please stop calling me, on my unlisted phone number, attempting to cross sell me a product from this junk mail your latest tie-in. “I’d like to ensure you understand the information we’ve just sent you.”. Guess what. I chucked it out before reading it. Have been for 5 years.

And those people at shopping malls and airports who are pushing your credit card (For the 20th time, I do know the difference) on me is starting to tarnish your name. In fact, because of this pushiness, I refuse: repeat refuse to ever own one. Sometimes backing off might actually sell more.



6 thoughts on “Dear AMEX”

  1. Nothing tackier than those AMEX card sharks at the airport. Bit of a pain to have to dodge. At least they lose interest (forgive the pun) rapidly when I ask “Is it okay if I earn less than 10k per year?”

  2. Don’t you just love it when AMEX call you, and then “for security reasons” ask you to verify who you are!!???!! How do i know who they are? That questions seems to stump them everytime.

  3. Actually, its interesting when you attempt to explain “social engineering” to non-hacker types.

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