Australian Government Do-not-Call List

In light of the recent shenanigans of AMEX, its time to list my numbers in the “Do-not-Call List”

URL to register:

As per the Government’s web site:

Will it stop all telemarketing calls?

Registering your telephone number on the Do Not Call Register will not stop all telemarketing calls to your number. There are some exemptions which enable certain public interest organisations to make telemarketing calls. Exempt organisations include charities, religious organisations and registered political parties. You can also still receive calls from market researchers.

Hmm. I’ll still get push-polling recorded calls from politicians, and people asking for “market research”. All I want is no fricken’ calls from people I don’t know, fullstop.

Now, the site is broken and melting down. Ooops, Coldfusion just went hot. Dear webmasters: always overestimate the stresses on your sites. (Fixed at around midday.)

3 thoughts on “Australian Government Do-not-Call List”

  1. Yes, the site started to respond again early this afternoon: problem was just the initial load I suppose.

    Be interesting to see if this reduces the calls.

  2. Nick, time to get a boyfriend and move on my friend, life is passing you by and you will never get it back again.

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