URLs for Victorian Principal’s Conference

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Wikipedia.org. Ensure your school is in Wikipedia. Understand the social aspects of Wikis, and the rules related to Wikipedia entries.

Microsoft Breathe Life. Microsoft Australia’s starting point for Education.

linkedin.com. Professional Social Networking. Start here.

Live.com search (Advanced search features) Use the Advanced features of search to ego-surf.

flickr.com. Social sharing of photos with folksonomy tagging

del.icio.us Search blogs, user-created tags for the folksonomy tags.

sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au. Recent story

Difference of Opinion. Excellent discussion of Digital Generation Gap

danah boyd. Exploring the Digital Generation gap; formal research papers.

I Can Has Cheeseburger. Fun and interesting use of language

edublogs.org. Create your own blog, or blog for a classroom.

Finally, the presentation from 17th May 2007 and 22nd May 2007.

3 thoughts on “URLs for Victorian Principal’s Conference”

  1. Thanks for your presentation at Hepburn Nick. All thought provoking stuff! I returned home and did an ego-surf on my name and found 5 pages worth! Only 2 entries were actually about me (put in by an organisation I have an affiliation with), the others were not me but very interesting to read some of the things others, with my name, do.

  2. Sue

    Great! Start creating your own digital identity and digital foot-trail.

    Don’t forget linkedin, too.

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it, and I am really pleased that the presentation was thought provoking.

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