Seats Still Available: danah boyd, Brisbane

There are seats available for danah boyd in Brisbane.

danah is the world expert researcher on online communities and the digital generation. A must-see for all those interested in this social networking thing.

4 thoughts on “Seats Still Available: danah boyd, Brisbane”

  1. That’s cool and I’d like to hear her talk, except at $300 a seat I’m not sure I can justify it. I’m quite interested to hear what she has to say, just not “$300” interested. Do you think that it is good value for money Nick?

  2. Someone of danah’s stature in Australia, it’s worth it.

    Going to be interesting to see who writes about her visit, too

  3. I feel silly because I haven’t heard of her before. Are you going to blog about the insights delivered in her presentation? By the way, your bowl cat looks evil.

  4. bowl cat is teh evil. LULZ

    For those who watch the “digital natives”, danah is a world-renown researcher and publisher.

    I will be blogging (live blogging, hopefully) the event.

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