A Geek’s 4.5 Days in Perth – Part Deux

Spent yesterday at Silicon Beach House:

Silicon Beach House

Interviews with Bronwen of PerthNorg and Richard of Scouta coming soon.

Scoped out more of the cosmopolitan area of Perth around King Street and found a hobby store and sci-fi book store. Geek-out!

More Books!

Wedneday night: WebJam! Myles’ vector text and Gary’s Web 3.0 received my votes.

WebJam Perth, Goin' Orf

The 70+ people who attended WebJam saw 14 presenters go-orf! Good rollickin’ night. Go Perth.

LOLCODE went down a treat. One day I might have to evangelise Microsoft products. Nahhh, we’ve got smarter people doing that.

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  1. Hi Nick, Great to meet you in person, and thanks for visiting our humble city. Looking forward to catching up in September when half of Perth descend on Sydney. 🙂

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