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BarCamps and PodCamps are the new clubs and groups.

Very little structure, just people getting together at a location at a nominated time to share experiences in a common interest.

So I am thinking of starting/organising a PhotoCamp somewhere in Australia. Similar structure to the upcoming BarCampSydney

Current thoughts:

  • On a Sunday, as photographers are busy on Saturdays
  • Still + moving image
  • Pros, Pro-ams, Ams, Enthusiasts. No-ones equipment will be measured prior

What do you think? Comment here, or email me. Better, pop into the Facebook group.


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12 thoughts on “PhotoCamp{name your AU city}”

  1. Great idea – although in Canberra we have a fairly active flickr group with meets (organised shoots), mini-meets (cafe get-togethers) etc but for cities that don’t have that, this would be great!

  2. actually, thinking about it, there is the Sydney Photo Bloggers group that meet quite regularly.. I’ll let them know your plans too. It’s just a bunch of “pros” (unlike me – a happy snapper thinking to get into photography) talking about stuff and taking pics.

  3. Gary– want to be BarCamp unconferenced. Not too formal. you know me!

    PureCaffeine– hook me up. Need a reason to go to Canberra

    FunkyCoda– hook me up.

  4. Vote me for Perth! Definitely PiP Flickr group would be interested – although like Nathaneal says, we already have heaps of meetups etc.

    Perhaps a format a bit like Pecha Kucha or WebJam. Short n snappy.

  5. Steven— finally, finally got into the office and got off my bum and sent the shot glass –Nick

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