September 89 As part of honeymoon, visited Apple Computer headquarters in Cupertino, California. Visited Apple Pacific and liaised with AppleCentre task force team and shopped at the “company store”.
April-September 1991 Moved from Technical Support Manager to Corporate Systems Engineer, responsible for Beneficial Finance, BHP Whyalla, Kinhill Engineers, Australian Submarine Corporation, F. H. Faulding & Co, and CRA Exploration. This role involved the all technical aspects of Macintosh usage in these corporates. Regular newsletters and fact sheets were also compiled and sent out, along with Corporate User Group Meetings and one-on-one technical sessions with their Technical Staff.

Early experimentation with Ethernet, QuickMail, Apple’s A/UX and other technically challenging products pioneered at AppleCentre Adelaide were introduced to these Corporates and in many cases adopted as Corporate platforms.

This role, whilst extending to September 1991, involved levels of Account Management and liaison with developers and distributors in Australia and the US. Close ties were created with Tri Data Communications, Keyway (now Conexus), Apple Sydney and Melbourne.

December 88 Completed writing chapter for the book “Tricks of the HyperTalk Masters” about using HyperCard as a front end tool to communications services. This book was published in 89 by the Waite Group, Mann County, USA. (ISBN 0-672-48431-5)
November 88 Employed and Trained new Technical Support team members. August 88 Appointed Manager of Technical Support at Random Access.
January 88 Appointed prime Technical Support contact for the Australian Submarine Corporation. This included daily liaison with Kay Lindley, PC & OA Supervisor and Brian Musker, MIS Manager.
September 87 Attended Apple Service Training in Sydney, achieving Level 1 Accreditation for Macintosh II hardware.
January 87 Moved from Sales to join the one man Technical Support team as a trainee Technical Support Analyst. In 1987 the world of Macintosh was just about to explode into ethernet networks, open systems with the Macintosh II and AppleShare. Supported Apple platforms ranged from the Macintosh, to the Apple II, to the rare Apple III.
August 86 Achieved highest sales in the month.
January 86 Commenced work at Random Access as a Junior Trainee Salesman. Job roles included store management and initial customer contact.