Export Settings

Step 2: Export Settings.

Optimising our animation for the web is a critical part of generating Flash-SWF files.

1. View>Active Export Preview. In the Composition window, bottom left hand side you will now see a small icon. This tells us that the element currently selected will take approx 9.25Kb in the final .swf file, and it is a bitmap object.

[818] images/active_export_preview.gif

[819] 02exportsettings/09_activeexport.jpg

2. Window>Styles. Find the style ‘Drop Shadow 3’ Ensure that the ‘extremetext’ layer is selected in the Timeline window and apply this style. To apply a style, just click on the [820] images/apply_style.gif [821] 02exportsettings/10_styles.jpg

3. File>Export Settings. The palette is showing the document level settings. All bitmaps in the final .swf are optimised with these settings. To create object level settings, click on the [822] images/object_settings.gif. [823] 02exportsettings/11_exportsettings.jpg

4. You are now able to tweak the settings for this object (‘extremetext’) – by reducing the JPEG quality and the Opacity Resolution, the element will take less size in the resulting .swf. Set this to the smallest amount whilst not compromising image quality. [824] 02exportsettings/12_objlevelexport.jpg