Step 3: Animation & Time Independent Groups.

The next step is to create the Time Independent Group, and animate this ‘submovie’. Think Pulp Fiction – movie inside another movie.

1. Now to create the Time Independent group! Select the ‘waveform’ layer in the Timeline window, Timeline>Make Time Independent Group. Thelayer will jump to the top of the text. Just Object>Arrange>Send to Back. Rename the layer to ‘waveanimation’ by selecting Timeline>Edit Name [825] 03animation/13_createtig.jpg

2. If you now double-click on the ‘waveanimation’ layer, you drill down or jump into this seperate sub movie. Whatever we do inside this simple animation is completely divorced from the master composition. Move to Current Time Marker (CTM [826] images/ctm.gif) out to the 02s time on the timeline. [827] 03animation/14_timelinectm.jpg

3. Twirl the triangle next to the waveflow layer down, and twirl down the Transform, too. [828] images/animate.gif

You can now see the elements we can animate over time. Click on the stop watch next to Position. [829] images/stopwatch.gif We are now animating the position of the waveform over time.

Click on the well to the right of the Position stop watch: [830] images/well.gif

This will create a keyframe ([831] images/keyframe.gif) on the timeline indicating at this time, the position of this element will be where it lives in the composition.

Repeat this at 01s and exactly 1 frame in from the absolute beginning.

[832] 03animation/15_createkeyfr.jpg

4. Move to 0s6frames in and in the composition window move the waveform to the left. This will create another keyframe. So from 0s to 6f in, the waveform will move to this position, and then return to its resting position at 1s [833] 03animation/16_animate6f.jpg

5. Move to 1s6frames in and in the composition window, move the waveform to the right. This will create another keyframe.

You can preview this animation by clicking on the [834] images/play.gif icon in the Timeline window.

[835] 03animation/17_animate1s6f.jpg

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