Adding Behaviours

Step 4: Behaviors.

Now we have our animation created, we must create some behaviors to control the animation.

1. Move the Current Time Marker (CTM) to the absoluite beginning of the ‘waveanimation’ Time independent group.

Click on the [836] images/behaviors.gif Behaviors icon in the Timeline window.

[837] 04behaviours/18_ctmto0.jpg

2. At the beginning we are going to stop the submovie in its tracks. So label the behavior ‘stop-wave’ Select ‘Stop’ from the Add Behavior pop-up. [838] images/add_behavior.gif [839] 04behaviours/19_addbehaviour.jpg

3. Move ahead one frame (hopefully positioned to line up with your first key frame!) and add another behavior ([836] images/behaviors.gif) [841] 04behaviours/20_adv1frame.jpg

4. Label this animation ‘start-wave’ and add the behavior to play. From the Options area, set the target to our Time independent group, ‘waveanimation’

[842] images/target.gif

[843] 04behaviours/21_playbehav.jpg

5. Finally, move to the end of our timeline and add a final Behavior, this time a ‘Go to Label’

From the options area, select the target as the ‘waveanimation’ and the label as ‘stop-wave’ (created above!)

[844] images/label_target.gif

[845] 04behaviours/22_lastframebehav.jpg

6. We have created our animation and the behaviors. If we preview now, not much will happen. We have to trigger the Time Independent group externally through a rollover.

To jump out of our Time independent group, click on the left-pointing arrow in the Timeline window

[846] images/jump_out.gif

[847] 04behaviours/23_jumpouttig.jpg

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