Wiring Rollovers

Step 5 Rollovers.

To trigger the Animation, we need to create a Rollover with Behavior attached:

1. Open the Rollovers palette: Window>Rollovers. Click on the ‘extremetext’ layer in the Timeline window. Create another Rollover state by clicking on theNew Rollover State icon [848] images/add_rollover.gif [849] 05rollovers/24_rolloverstate.jpg

2. To trigger the behavior, click on the Behaviors icon ([850] images/behaviors.gif) and add a simple ‘Go to Label’ behavior. This time, go to the label ‘start-wave’ in the ‘waveanimation’ submovie/Time independent group.

[851] images/another_behav.gif

[852] 05rollovers/25_rolloverbeh.jpg

3. File>Preview In> (Choose your favourite browser where the Flash plugin is installed)

You can now see the end result of this work. The wave animation will only trigger when you mouse over the ‘extreme’ text.


[853] 05rollovers/26_preview.jpg