Imageready Rollovers

Rollover Styles in ImageReady 3.0

ImageReady 3.0 comes with Photoshop 6.0. One of the new features is the ability to create Styles that include Rollover states.

There is a slight nuance, however. You must create the style from a Layer Based Slice.

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1. Select the layer that you wish to create the slice over. In this instance, I have created a shape that encompasses the rollover. [867] images/01_start.jpg

2. Menu Layer>New Layer Based Slice

[868] images/02_newlayerslice.jpg

3. From the Rollover palette, create a new rollover state by clicking on the [869] images/new.gif button. [870] images/03_newrollover.jpg

4. Change the Layer Style for the new rollover state. I have used an inner shadow in this example.[871] images/layer-style.gif [872] images/04_addstyle.jpg

5. From the Styles palette, click on the new button.[869] images/new.gif Ensure that “Include Rollover States” is checked. [874] images/05_newstyle.jpg

6. Now the style is created, it is a simple matter of dragging this style over the other two layers where you wish to create the rollovers. [875] images/06_dragstyle.jpg

7. Now the three Layer based slices and rollover states are created. [876] images/07_dragstyle2.jpg

8. You may need to optimise your slices as layer based slices are automatically sized to fit the content of the layer. This sometimes leaves “fringing” table cells and images, increasing the complexity of your slice.

Just promote the layer based slices to user slices using the menu Slices>Promote to User Slice

This will allow you to change the slice sizes to get an optimal table and images.

[877] images/08_optimiseslice.jpg

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