Video to the Web

A copy of David Trescot’s presentation (Introduction to Digital Video) and my presentation (Video to the Web) are now here.

There are a couple of links that may be of interest:

More indepth technical information on DV; more generic information specifically here.

Current supported cards in Premiere 6.0 are listed at Premiere 6.0 Certified Cards

The Nicky Guides offer a different perspective on the world of digital video

Adobe is posting more Premiere 6.0 Technical Guides in the support section of our web site – including finding an appropriate codec and video codec compression methods, and factors that afffect video compression

Another site I recommend visiting is the Terran site explaining Codecs, Architectures: CodecsCentral

All things Microsoft Windows Media Player is here: WindowsMedia

Apple’s web site for QuickTime is comprehensive, but a little too focused on the software developer rather than the web author: Quicktime

(The JavaScript control of the QuickTime plug in is detailed there).

Real Networks has a very complete site detailing how to author for their platform. Real Networks