Reversing Footage in Premiere 6.0

Reversing Footage in Premiere 6.0

A question from a customer in an email: how do you reverse a piece of footage in Premiere 6.0? I know how to do this in AfterEffects, but never looked at the problem in Premiere.

A few quick experiments later (what, read the manual?) – its even easier than I first thought.

Here we have a piece of footage loaded in a bin. It is going to be our target we are going to reverse time over:

[1193] 1193.jpg

Right-click (Mac users: control-click) on this piece of footage and select "Speed"

[1194] 1194.jpg

Now all we need to do is change the rate at which this plays. Typing in a negative number doesn’t change time and entropy in the universe, but it will reverse the playback of this clip. -100% means run it at the same speed, but in reverse. Viola!

[1195] 1195.jpg

Thanks Gil-Ad.

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  1. For added smoothness, also:
    -Select Clip
    -Open Clip>video options>field options
    -Check “Reverse Field Dominance”, and select “none” radio button

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