InDesign 2.0: Determining Document Heritage

Have you received an InDesign 2.0 document and are not sure of its heritage? Maybe there is something that just doesn’t seem right, and before going off the deep end – you need to confirm your suspicions.

Here’s how to check:

  • MacOS: hold down the Command (Apple) key, and go to the Apple menu, “About InDesign” (MacOS X: it’s under the “InDesign” menu)
  • Windows: hold down the Control key, and go to Help>About InDesign

A dialog box will appear that displays indepth, support information related to the topmost document.

[1224] InDesign 2.0 hidden about document

As you can see in the above screen dump, this document started life out as a QuarkXpress 3.32 document. Knowing this, you may be able to double check for text wrap issues, font missing problems and any left over ‘bits’ that may have accumulated in the Xpress document over time.

Whilst this is in InDesign mainly for support reasons, I happened to have accidently found this menu when noodling around InDesign for “easter eggs”. Thankfully this is no zapping alien. It is way more useful than that!

Thanks to Cari Jansen for assisting/clarifying me on this one!