Hong Kong (26th April to 28th April)

Thursday, 29th April, 2004

We arrive home in Sydney at 8.30am. The QF128 in VH-OJF was interesting as the seats were the old style Business Class – so little sleep was had by all. Therefore, we are jetlagged out of our tiny gourds

Wednesday, 28th April, 2004

Avril gets the morning off to go shopping for stuff on the main island. We are staying on Kowloon at the Sheraton (on Starwood points). Avril hops onto the AU40cent ferry to the main island to sample the wares and markets.

Quick showers, late checkout and we’re back at the Hong Kong airport. The Hong Kong x-ray guys are really fascist (remember: two countries, one system!) and pull us up on three items: a pair of tweezers, a piece WW2 gunshell souvenir and a Sunglasses repair kit that contains a very, very small screw driver. No other x-rays have been so draconian as the Hong Kong guys.

Our bag count has gone up dramatically. Less said on this topic the better.

Tuesday, 27th April, 2004

Arrive at the Hotel after a 0 taxi fare. That’s 0 Hong Kong, so there is no need to panic.

Avril and I hit the shops. First task is to purchase a new piece of baggage as one of our bags split between London and Hong Kong. Shopping in Hong Kong is just like Singapore. At least I feel at home, having visited Singapore on many occasions during the past 4 years or so.

On the streets, obviously not locals, we are asked every 20 metres if we want a suit/shirts/watch/fake watch. Strongest street-hassle I’ve seen the whole trip.

Monday, 26th April, 2004

British Airways First Class. 9 seats on this 747, of which 5 are occupied. Each of the 5 occupants change out of their day clothes into the funny First Class prisoner’s outfit prior to departure. After take off, the crew diligently hook up the velveteen rope that separates us Business Class outcasts from passing accidently into the realms of First Class paradise. This rope hinders the poor crew more than passengers as they pass through the cabin.

The announcement tells us to shut off our “games and word processors”. Time to update the script, BA!

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