search integration

Yes, at the present time have Google adsense on my blog. It barely pays for the hosting of Virtually no revenue stems from the embedded Google Search.

Search is important as I’ve just destroyed my old navigation hierarchy in the transition from the old CMS to a 100% WordPress system.

Time to change my search provider.

Over to and specifically

Tweak my searchform in WordPress. Done.

There were two edits required in the HTML snippet: one to insert a "code page" (for next time: putting in obscure numbers is not a good UX!) and my site URL.

From random thought to implementation: 3 minutes.

5 thoughts on “ search integration”

  1. Well done Nick…next get rid of Google Adsense…understand we dont have an alternative yet…but even Yahoo Panama is a better option..

  2. No probs..just register on the site and goto contribute to list the name of the article etc. and we’ll set you up a page…you add your content…then we’ll checkit and release it for public consumption 🙂

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