Meet Mary Milne, my Great- Great- Great- Grandmother

Mary Milne

Why blog your family history? Because it helps others out, and you find out more. Others doing searches for common ancestors will stumble on your site, and send emails.

The above photo is of one Mary Milne. She married a Melville Hodge in 1853 whilst on her way to South Australia. Her first son was my great- great- grandfather.

In other words, she is my great- great- great- grandmother. A small part of her is in my genes. This photo was taken in March 1904, 103 years ago.

And speaking of genes, if you look at her eyes and mouth: they are not aligned. It’s not "an error" in posing. It’s probably Bell’s Palsy.

Thanks to Darryl, also a decendent of Mary Milne for sending the photo and a detailed history.

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  1. My research shows that Mary Milne, her younger sister Jane and her older brother David all arrived at Port Adelaide on the “Joseph Rowan” on 16 June 1854. Mary’s brother James Milne arrived earlier in 1848. The Milne family initially settled at Coghills Creek near Saddleworth in South Australia. According to SA Marriage Records, Mary married Melville Hodge on 28 March 1857 at Melville’s residence in North Rhine. Mary and Melville’s first child Ellen, was born on 26 February 1858, not in 1853. I’m not a descendant but I’ve done some research on the Milne family for my brother-in-law who is connected.

  2. OMG. Thanks for the glimpse into my future…MARGARET b1857 Picton? M Alsop M Atkins M Fenton M Ahearn…

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