Parents: where are your kids now?

Parents have this little internal GPS that sorta- kinda- knows where their children are in physical space.

Why should it be different with online?

The excuse that "computers are too hard" and "the kids are far ahead of me" just doesn’t wash anymore. This is like putting your kids on an unmarked bus to nowhere and hoping they return physically and mentally intact. You are abandoning your children.

Howard Rheingold, recently in Australia for educationau, and Heath at Catallaxy recenly commented on the wastage of taxpayer money on filters and a fear-mongering piece of dead-trees.

A well written explanation of what is online, and how to explore the world together would have been better. Education, not fear mongering. The mainstream media has overplayed the fear of the unknown and new. I’d like them to spend that time explaining Phishing and 419 scams.

Parents need to learn. In 10-20 years time, the best way of communicating to their grandkids will be online.

Learn with your kids, parents. Know where they are online.