"presented by professional computer geek Nick Hodge"  lulz (meaning I am laughing at the funniness of my title being on a large banner!)

Thanks to Kaye Fallick from the About Seniors website and magazine for the invitation to interact with the Melbourne seniors audience.

Most interesting story of these presentations: a lady impressed me with her data security plan for old hard disk drives: physical destruction plus encasing them in her new cement stairs. I just love it!

Spoke to 170 people over the two sessions – each sessions was slightly different, but used these slides as the base presentation.

Good to see Australia’s largest seniors web site: About Seniors, Telstra Bigpond, WorkVentures and the local Microsoft Unlimited Potential all a part of this conference.



Supper Room, Melbourne Town Hall, Thursday 11th October 2007


Supper Room, Melbourne Town Hall, Saturday 13th October 2007