Windows Live Chat on Windows Mobile

Imagine: you are out having a pleasant dinner with your parents-in-law. One thing leads to another, and you start playing with your new toy: Windows Mobile 6.0 and my new Palm Treo 750.

Minutes before leaving the house, I had downloaded and installed the Windows Live client for Windows Mobile into my Treo, and had yet to log in to the service.

Over dinner, when the conversation turned to something where I could merely "nod", I un-pocketed by Treo 750 and signed in.




Appearing on my "Today" screen was my Windows Live login details: Windows Live / Windows Mobile pic 1
Ooh, Messenger sign in. Tap here to sign in, let’s sign in and see who is online. pc_capture2
I nod politely pc_capture3
At 6:10pm on a Friday, Sydney time only my European friends tend to be online. In this instance, Paul Foster fellow enthusiast from the UK is online, so I start up a quick chat.

The Contacts are exactly the same as your desktop and web list. No matter where I am, with my trusty Treo I can chat with them.

Windows Live / Windows Mobile pic 4
Yes, in our chat we refer to each other as "dude" as it sounds cool.

Notice the little "Voice clip" option at the bottom left? By clicking on this, I was able to send a quick "G’day" to Paul.

Windows Live / Windows Mobile pic 5

A voice clip? Yes, just like the desktop version of Windows Live Messenger on your PC.


Windows Live / Windows Mobile pic 6


I demonstrated this to my parents-in-law to show them I was a worthy husband for their daughter. Thankfully, they were impressed.

Oh, and thanks to Paul Foster for his assistance.

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  1. Did you have any issues getting NextG to work once you upgraded you 750 to WM6? Mine is working OK but will only pick up 3g not NextG after I upgraded.

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