Unified Communications + Windows Live = Knowledge Worker 2.0

I am a mere Knowledge Worker in a large Enterprise. Working online, my work productivity has seen some major changes of late

I’ve installed the latest Windows Live for my Windows Mobile 6 Treo. One of the interesting features is voice search.

It’s a little difficult to describe in text (and in Australia it’s a little not-ready, but US and UK Windows Mobile users should install the latest version) — we’re heading down a very interesting path. However, voice is starting to be everywhere.

Along with the Office Communications Server, the concept of presence, work, location, phones, voicemail and email start to coalesce into a connected smartness. I can dial into our system whilst driving and give voice commands to the server.

Where ever I am, my laptop is connected to the work telephone system. Outlook gets my voicemails (which are just sound files!) and my presence is connected to my Outlook calendar. Using caller ID, the incoming call is connected to our global address list.

When not on my laptop, using Windows Live on my Treo, I can chat over the Telstra NextG network.

Knowledge Worker 2.0.