Toshiba Hard Disk Upgrade

As my internal 100Gb hard disk on the Toshiba M400 (T2400) had only 5% free space: even after archiving photos and podcasts, I could not reduce the free space to under 10%.

Time for a new HD. Purchased from Auspcmarket, 200Gb 7200 RPM Seagate Momentum drive.

As much as this Toshiba has limitations that are starting to annoy me (read: screen real-estate: can I have a new XPS now, please. ta.) – adding and deleting the hard drive was extremely simple.


  1. Windows Vista “Windows Complete Backup” (in Backup and Restore) to second hard drive
  2. Physically remove old drive, install new drive
    1. remove two screws holding in the plastic cover
    2. use the plastic tab to remove the hard disk in it aluminium bay
    3. remove four screws holding the SATA hard disk in the bay
    4. insert and replug new SATA hard disk
    5. reverse install procedure.
  3. PXE boot from network, where we have a network based, System Recovery
  4. A pleasant UI appears; only confusing part was ensuring I had a copy of my disk drivers on USB
  5. Restore from the backup, onto the new hard disk.
  6. Reboot from new hard disk
  7. Using Computer Management>Disk Management, Right-click “Extend Volume” to the full 200Gb
  8. Done

Performance of the disk drive: 4.9 to 5.4; that is a10% increase.

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  1. I just got an XPS m1330 and wrote a review up about it on my blog. Seriously, it is teh hotness.

    The only thing that sucks so far is my Orcas Beta2 VPC will expire in 23hrs15mins…

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