Movember: Day 2. Hair Follicles Retreat


Starting to become a habit. Popout the Microsoft LifeCam, stare into the camera. Photo, upload. All my facial follicles are on a follicular holiday underneath my skin. Or maybe they were frightened by the five-bladed razor yesterday.

Last night, Duncan Riley challenged me on “my personal sponsorship target”. AU$1000 would be cool. Now that’s a serious amount of dosh to help out BeyondBlue.

Movember - Sponsor Me

2 thoughts on “Movember: Day 2. Hair Follicles Retreat”

  1. Hey Nick,

    I think you’ll need to use tinyurl or urltea or something to combat browsers turning “&reg” in the URL into the (R) symbol

    All the browsers I know do this, unfortunately. Same with “&copy” too. They assume you forgot to include the semi-colon, and so therefore do it for you.

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