The Immersive Conversation

Thinking ahead of the game.

Scoble is leaving PodTech. Doing something else from mid-January 2008.

In his post he talked about live streaming/twittering and the conversation that results from immediate connectivity to an audience.

From Scoble’s post:

Another thing that opened my eyes? The Google Open Social press conference where I had the only video, thanks to and my cell phone (they had asked for me to leave my professional camera in the car — funny that’s a story I’ve heard several times, including on the panel discussion yesterday where Jeff Pulver showed off video he shot on a small pocket camera of the recent Led Zepplin concert. He told the audience that Led Zepplin wants to buy his photos and videos because they were better than the professional ones).

Blogs, Video-Blogs, Podcasts emulate the old media. Push out. Wait for comments (aka letters to the editor). The immediacy is missing. There is too much latency between thought to feedback

Immersive Conversations.

Live-streaming/Live-twittering/Live-full immersion-SecondLife/Live un-meetings of the ilk as discussed on EEL recently is the next step. The technology is here permitting low-cost, high-bandwidth immediate two-way sessions.

In conversations with Cameron Reilly, this is exactly where his mind has been for some months.

The move is on.

8 thoughts on “The Immersive Conversation”

  1. I don’t think it means podcasting is dead or wrong or somehow flawed, just think we need to think about how to use these platforms and technologies to create NEW forms of content, to innovate, but it’s hard. Twittories is pretty cool though.

  2. Cameron–

    Hmm, mebbe my post was a little hyperbolic: as you have twittered for questions whilst interviewing famous ppl.

    An amalgam is what is occuring.

    With more immediacy.


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