Stilgherrian Rattles Their Cages

It is difficult to believe any organisation lives in the mid 20th Century.

Yet, Stilgherrian has found one. Maybe it’s his vet?

There will be a point where us Generation-X-ers start worrying about the future rather than the size of our LCD/Plasma screens. We’ll look to our parents and apologise for our self-centred-ness (whilst underneath blaming the me-generation of the 1970s) In our concern and worries, we’ll realise our kids are highly digitally socialised and our seniors are conversing with them. We’ve missed the boat. We’re in the generational chasm.

If you don’t get it, get Mike’s business to help. They’re not only native, they’re going feral.

Ahh, Christmas. Dontcha just love it? Brings out the Scrooge McDickens in all of us.

One thought on “Stilgherrian Rattles Their Cages”

  1. The business in question is a women’s shoe boutique, with four stores scattered across the Sydney basin. You’d think there’d be plenty of opportunity to generate repeat business via teh intertubes, or at least coordinate the stores more effectively.

    I bet the owner spends all day driving around between the stores collecting basic management data.

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