My Dream Machine in Three Acts

Can u make me a peecee nows?

After spending late 2007 writing about and building my own fast PC – I realised there was a larger place for the story to be told. But not here. It was time to go PC enthusiast over on Channel 10.

The most difficult piece to write was the overture. Knowing at which technical level to target the writing. Feedback is welcome.

x64 is a barrier that the PC industry is going to push through during 2008. Laptops with only 4Gb of RAM are a bit cheezy and limited.

The overture:

And the three acts:

  1. My Dream Machine: Planning
  2. My Dream Machine: Construction
  3. My Dream Machine: Tuning


Next articles will be related to how I work on this machine. The old Toshiba craptop just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Good to be rid of writer’s block.

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