Deep Zoom in Silverlight 2: How To

Mike Taulty has de-composed and written a quick how-to for the Deep Zoom technology as used by Hard Rock Cafe.

There goes my weekend.

7 thoughts on “Deep Zoom in Silverlight 2: How To”

  1. Yep! Silverlight 2 Rocks. The detail is just like EPS. You would have also seen this from MIX08 ( with the videos finally filtering through, even if its AOL.

    I just watched the 2007 Keynote with Ray Ozzie and Steve Guthrie in which they just announced Silverlight 1.0, during which the Project leader unwittingly demonstrated Expression Studio’s “reboot” capability.

    A key advisor on IE8, Molly Holzschlag was in this region for a month, yet she didn’t do any conventions in Sydney, now she’s in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  2. I must admit, playing around with xBlend 2.5, I wondered what MultiScaleImage was. Serious amounts of cool right there.

  3. @ Andrew: Its in the Ray Ozzie Keynote for Mix 2007 (KYN001) at when Wayne Smith was demonstrating the Expression Media Encoding (EME) tool at 00:45:18 of the 2 1/2 hour keynote, Wayne clicked on Settings and the application seemed to shutdown but a gauge showed loading and in 5 seconds, the app restored and the audience laughed. Wayne said that was a demo of the Fast Reboot” facility in E.M.E. Then it was a simple matter of bactracking a few steps and move right along. Not too traumatic.

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