Duncan Riley: Officially a Web 2.0 Startup 2.0

@DuncanRiley, formerly of Techcrunch, has left as a fulltime writer and has started another startup: Inquisitr.com

Described by Duncan as a “mix of tech, pop and fark type stories”, it promises a blog that captures the lighter side of this strange web world.

I, for one, welcome our new Duncan overlords.

3 thoughts on “Duncan Riley: Officially a Web 2.0 Startup 2.0”

  1. Nick,

    Cheers for the news. Missed that one.

    Kudos on the blog too. Good stuff. Caught you through BrightKite (working in Alexandria, Sydney), and I had a friend at school called Nick Hodge, so thought it might be him.

    Wasn’t. But G’Day anyway! Have fed and read your blog 🙂

  2. Stu — thanks for the positive comments.

    Can you get your Nick Hodge friend to contact me. We Nick Hodge’s are planning on a world takeover soon



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