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Sometime in 1986/7 I went to a doctor for what I found out was a sebaceous cyst on my left shoulder blade. Not going into detail, but I was left with a permanent reminder of this cyst. That is, the bulk of the scarring remained.

Yesterday, after an inflammation and a 6 week battle of with anti-biotics, I could finally get the beastie removed. Under the careful assistance of Avril, I had the cyst professionally removed. The size of a grape, the surgical excision took 45 minutes under local. Now I have a 4cm scar with 5 stitches. Strangely, apart from the pain of a deep skin wound; my body seems to be relieved that the nastiness has gone.

The left hand side of my body is a war zone. Scars, infections, palsies. LOL

Update 28th August 2008: Stitches removed. No nasties found in the biopsy.

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  1. jezz,
    you lucky lucky bastard…

    I had 15 of them removed 7 weeks ago under general.. 36 stitches on my back and neck… the problem was I had about 10 removed a few years back and had no stitches at all very good doctor.. the one I had was a butcher basically.


  2. IANAD, but …

    Actually, the other one (el butchero) may well have been a good doctor who excised with a higher margin of safety, given the recurrence of the cysts. Or he might have had a different set of issues to deal with compared to the first doctor.

    Stitches are neither here nor there compared to the need to do a thorough job. Hopefully they won’t be back again.

  3. @Wolf — ouchies! On removal, there is always the chance of reoccurance… but not axplosion!!

    @Andrew — have now removed the big arse bandage and am applying Vitamin E cream 2x per day on the scar. As the location is on my shoulder, the chance of anyone seeing it is zero… so I am not too stressed by the scar.

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