First Irons in the Fire

Irons in the Fire

Downloaded from source and compiled.

IronRuby seems pretty self-contained (ie: all the Libs + gems) come along

IronPython: I need to find out how to point it at my cPython install

Can do simple .pyw to IronPythonWindows, including a call to .NET Windows.Forms

Off we go!

2 thoughts on “First Irons in the Fire”

  1. traitor!
    what’s with the dynamic language love?
    i thought you dug the static awesomeness of F#?
    you and me is through, hodgey.
    you can through away that ring i gave you. and burn that lock of my hair.
    lb — out!

  2. Dear SecretGeek

    Due to commitments I made whilst still going out with dynamic languages, I have to appear at some events squiring ironruby/ironpython.

    This will not stop my first new love, functional languages and specifically F#, from my mind.

    BTW: you never called


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