How would you answer this question

How would you answer this question?

Which of these terms is not used to describe the speed of data transmission between computers?

  1. Baud rate
  2. Cycles per second
  3. Bits per second
  4. Bytes per second

9 thoughts on “How would you answer this question”

  1. I guess you *could* argue that because “cycles per second” was a once-common unit of frequency, measuring transfer rates over wireless connections *could* be a valid mesaurement.

  2. Why, it’d be cycles per second. It’s impossible to throw bits and bytes off a building, but not so much for bicycles.

  3. while b is the obvious answer, thecnically it could be correct, as the cpu cycles that are needed to push data into the pipe could theoretically be measured and though in most cases the pipe is slower than the cpu so it doesnt matter with a real old pc on a fast connection it could be a measurement – or i dont know what im talking about
    – probably the last answer 🙂

  4. OK, this question was on a sample exam Liam completed last week

    Suffice to say I answered “B”, as did Liam — and evidently we are all wrong.

    Baud is not a measure of speed??

    I am gobsmacked, too!

  5. In retrospect I guess that makes sense… from the perspective that it’s about the size of the pipe.

    (But I initially chose B also 🙂

  6. Looking up Baud in Wikipedia explains the answer succintly, though you need to be student of Physics to understand it.

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